Great Experience with this lovely family breeders

CARIM is such a wonderful cat!! He is very laid back and easygoing…honestly has the best personality of any cat I have ever owned. Even friends of mine that don’t particularly like cats or are allergic love Brad. I would love to adopt another cat from companion sphynx in the future and have to say they did a wonderful job raising the kittens.
From Kellis Brian in
San Juan, CA

, Just thought I’d drop you a note to say that your cats are beautiful and exhibit a spirit that really resonates with me. Keep up the good breeding!!!!
Thanx for asking.

Hi there, John is doing great! He is so adorable and now getting use to the “new land”. We are very much compatible. I’m so fortunate to have found him, thanks a lot for raising him. We went out for a ride today and kept him in my arms. I checked up on Jack last night and he was snuggled with his toy that has his “home scent”. Awwwe, it almost broke my heart! I have been taking him everywhere with me to get him acquainted with strangers. He is such a darling! Seriously. I took him to my sister’s house with me and he was so good there with her kids. They are in love. One of them took him to a table for a picture. You can’t tell if he is real or not! Haha what a cutie. He is the best cat on Earth. I have started training him. He can already sit, come and stay So far so good. He is so litter box trained it’s insane! (THANK YOU FOR THAT!) He is my all. I know how hard it was for you to give him up. I want to thank you so much for that. I will keep you posted with every photos and videos of him and maybe a little play date too!! Thanks again for everything.

Thank you sooo much for all the help and continues followup.We got our kitten LORI in mid July We had known he was coming for some time and you had kept us updated as to his progress after we made our deposit to hold Him..He has settled brilliantly and is a very sociable , beautiful , happy kitten. I would recommend you as a breeder and would use her again but at the moment one kitten is enough.
Ann Marrie

Just wanted to give you an update on our girl Eleven (formerly Kendra). She just had a birthday and she is doing great. In great health, and happy as can be. She has an absolutely wonderful temperament; such a great addition to our family.
My Best,

I want to let you know that she is the perfect cat. She is so good. My husband Jim and I were talking and down the road, we are looking at mid year 2020, We would like to purchase another female kitten from you. When we are ready to do so I will send you the first installment.
From BELLA in Houston TX